Creative Activity & Workshop


Photography is the science, art, application and Practice of creation. Photography is a medium expressing by the means of hidden art & creativity. Into the limelight. Education Fair will put immense light in the parameters of education, personality development and social growth through photography. A grand workshop will be organized at the fair to demonstrate how creativity can be brought into lime light


Art is defined as the creative expression of the various shades of our imagination, in a visual form such as painting. We are going to introduce such wonderful products of clay and painting that they will surely astonish you. Alongside, we will also showcase the renowned handmade Rajasthani craft.


Street play is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. Street play in festival of education will lead to spread awareness on different social issues in the country.


You are most welcome to the world of quiz question of General Knowledge. This will include various General Knowledge questions related to current affairs, history, geography, science, polity, economics and many more. This is a free play quiz which enhances your General Knowledge in an exemplary way.